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Origins and responsibility

Rubies intense in colours, cloudy with inclusions or clear, are usually burdened with history – yet, not so the Greenland deposits of some of the World’s oldest gemstones. Only discovered in the 1960s in Greenland, they are not troubled with a negative past. They can be enjoyed for their gorgeous shades of crimson – and their promise of everlasting love. Greenland Rocks ensure clients’ confidence in their choice of ethical luxury that the Greenland rubies stand for.
Responsible sourcing, better practices and the highest standards of the mining industry ensure that Greenland’s rubies can be worn with a clear conscience. The indigenous Inuit people benefit from this ethical luxury project, which will protect a long-term future revenue-source of the World’s largest island: Greenland.
Mining in remote landscapes where nature has centre stage – where the centuries-old traditions of the Greenland Inuit hunting culture remain intact – this is where the ethical journey begins. The ruby mine in Nanortalik was established in 2000. Here, winters are long, and snow and ice cover the ground for months at a time. The journey to reach the ruby mine takes you from the capital Nuuk on to the west coast of Greenland, going north by plane for two hours, and then 30 minutes by helicopter. The idyllic way of reaching the ruby mine is by boat for several hours, followed by a hike that can take everything from hours to days, depending on the season.

The mine has developed new opportunities for local communities with a commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility, with the purpose of giving back to Greenland and her people.

The roughly cut ruby crystals, the carved and facetted-cut rubies are the epitome of the great island of Greenland, and the jewellery fashioned with them hold the legacy of the Inuit.