Objects d’art

The Inuit tupilaq carving tradition has been revisited by goldsmith Bodil Binner in the unique creation entitled Protector of Purity/Aarnguaq. The wings made of gold are etched with lines that follow the contours of the 160.80 carats gemstone.

For the special perfume exhibition Making Scents! which opens in spring 2021 at the natural history museum Naturama in Svendborg, Danmark, Bodil Binner has had a scent bottle carved from one large Greenland ruby crystal – the bottle stopper is made entirely of Greenland gold. Congruent with ancient relic traditions that utilised gemstone carvings, only a few drops can actually be contained within the flacon. In this case, the choice was obvious for Bodil Binner: A tiny amount of Greenland’s inland ice – the most precious of all resources and the purest of the pure, as we all need water to exist.

The bottle stopper is in the shape of a tupilaq’s spirit – a protector or an avenger. In this case, it is the protector of our bleeding planet. The bottle is permanently sealed, because the water melted from the inland ice incapsulated in the ruby drop is the most precious resource. The drop is intended as a modern relic, with magical mystery and divinity meeting with sanctified purposes in this cult object of Bodil Binner’s creation.