Warrior – Tupilaq

A rugged and sparse landscape, rich in beauty and a traditional culture, silhouetted against the summer sun – or clad in the darkness of winter, lighted up by the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.

Harsh and unforgiving, with a mythical beauty that ruthlessly weeds out the weak: This is not a place of compassion, but one requiring every strength known to man. Befitting that the colour of the rubies is crimson. Sacred to the Inuit, who believed that the rocks were weeping. Inspired by the Inuit legacy, Bodil Binner has reinterpreted the aesthetics of tupilaqs.
In Inuit traditions, a tupilaq is an avenging monster, fabricated by a practitioner of shamanism using various materials such as animal parts (for example bone). Tupilaqs were made by people so as to harm their enemies. The creature was given life by ritualistic chants – akin to a voodoo doll – after which it was placed into the sea to seek and destroy a specific enemy. As an important part of Greenlandic Inuit art, tupilaqs are highly prized collectibles.

Three tupilaqs have been carved of rubies as charms for a bracelet. Wear them with mental fortitude, and at your own peril.

Warrior – the Spirit of Greenland is a sizeable gentleman’s pendant.
The bottle stopper is in the shape of a tupilaq’s spirit – a protector or an avenger. In this case, it is the protector of our bleeding planet. The bottle is permanently sealed, because the water melted from the inland ice incapsulated in the ruby drop is the most precious resource. The drop is intended as a modern relic, with magical mystery and divinity meeting with sanctified purposes in this cult object of Bodil Binner’s creation. 

Warrior – Tupilaq

The gentlemen’s pendant carved in the shape of a traditional tupilaq has to be worn with mental fortitude and at the wearer’s own peril. A 42.45 carat carved ruby set with 18 karat gold.